Interview of Cyril and Ambre, by the Val d'Hérens Tourist Information Center

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Interview with Cyril and Ambre, managers of Camping d’Arolla and Hotel Bar de La Gouille

In the Val d’Hérens Tourist Information Center series “These ambassadors from elsewhere”, here is our interview carried out in October 2019.

A big thank you to Val d’Hérens and their daily action.


Let’s get to know …


  • My name is Ambre, I am from Strasbourg in Alsace


  • I’m Cyril, I come from a small village near Aix en Provence called Meyreuil

Where do you live today and what have you been doing, for how long?

Amber and Cyril

  • We have now lived in La Gouille since November, we have both just taken over the Pension du lac bleu, a small hotel bar.

What brought you to the Val d’Hérens, in Arolla?


  • I arrived 6 years ago for my first season. I had finished my studies and was looking for work, a friend of mine worked at Raymonde at Vieux mazot in Evolène.
  • I was hired as a cook for the winter season


  • I knew Cyril before he got to Evolène, we were friends, so I often came to see him on weekends on vacation.

When you moved to this place, what was your initial feeling? culture shock or easy life?


  • Love at first sight! I arrived for the first time on a Saturday in December, there was snow everywhere, it looked like Santa Claus village, it was just magic.
  • The second time, on a carnival Saturday, I got out of the car surrounded by the fluff… I let you imagine !!!


  • I landed in an unusual place. Before arriving I said to myself the old mazot ??! Ok … what is it ??
  • I found myself in a timeless village, at Raymonde’s. I immediately felt in my place.

And today, what inspires you, Arolla? the Val d’Hérens in general?


  • The simplicity ! I come from a big city, and here we find the happy medium between festivals, traditions and raw nature. People are amazing!


  • It’s magic! Breathtaking nature, mutual aid, good energy …

Tell me a bit about your professional activity? the campsite, the Lac Bleu pension


  • We arrived at the campsite really by chance. Three years ago I was looking for work, so I offered to clean the sanitary facilities at Arolla campsite 2 hours a day.
  • Honestly? The dream job! Breathtaking nature and place.
  • When the former managers left, they offered to take over. We looked at each other and said ‘’ OK ‘’, here we go!
  • It’s been two summer now that we’ve taken over the campsite, and every winter we can’t wait to find our campers.
  • It’s really a little haven of peace! We have our own source of water, clean air, the view of glaciers and mountains … that’s real life!


  • The campsite is really great, but we felt that we were missing an activity to develop during the winter!
  • At the end of this summer, we learned that the blue lake pension was to be resumed, we jumped at the chance!
  • It’s only been three months since we took over, but we feel really good here! We try as much as possible to bring our personal touch, to organize events.

With this rich activity, do you have time for your leisure, your passions? what are they ?


  • To be honest … the first few months were pretty intensive 😄 lol !!!
  • We kindly find a balance that allows us to take a little more time for ourselves.
  • But what we are experiencing right now is an incredible opportunity, we savor every moment! We have a lot of fun organizing themed evenings!


  • It’s true that we’re pretty busy now, it’s 1000% work!
  • But as Amber says, the events we organize also make us happy in the end, we try to make the most of them.
  • I still have a little time to go skiing in Arolla a few times, and with the right conditions, pure happiness!

What are your prospects for the future at Arolla? desires, projects ?


  • I have a good feeling. We talk a lot about Evolène, but Arolla has enormous potential.
  • I think things will change very positively in the near future.
  • For my part, being able to get involved through the campsite or Gouille is a chance. And this is only the beginning… !!


  • I can see myself living here as long as possible.
  • I really like the idea of ​​being able to fully develop the event side at La Gouille, while preserving and enhancing the nature side at the campsite, it’s a good balance.

Otherwise let’s talk about Val d´herens. What are your highlights in the valley, what would you like to share?


  • Evolène’s carnival! I love the universe that was created, the little ones and the grands which are found around this extraordinary tradition.
  • The stuffed animals, the themed evenings, the stories make this village legendary during the carnival season, I love it!


  • Ferpècle ! Whether it’s fall or summer, I haven’t found a more relaxing place than there. It’s mysterious, and beautiful !! I love going for a walk!

And what advice would you give to a visitor wishing to discover the Val d’Hérens?


  • Come, but come 4 times: in summer, in Fall, in spring, in winter!


  • Take a good month of vacation. There is so much to discover!

One last word


  • Long live Valais


  • Long live the Valaisans

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