New summer menu is here ...

Jul 4, 2019 Tags: restaurant, new menu, new chef
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The new summer card has arrived …

We announced it , with Brice our new chef, we were going to concoct a gourmet and varied menu … here it comes !!

And of course it will evolve daily with the arrival of fresh products and our ideas and desires.

But already here are some novelties:

- Main course

Burger d’Hérens

  • Steak from Hérens, candied onions, salad, tomato, homemade ketchup & mayo. Accompanied by his fries.

Veggie Burger

  • Veggie cake, salad, tomato, candied onions, eggplant caviar


  • Goulash with Mont-Noble craft beer, Hérens meat, roasted potatoes

Walker Salad

  • Snacked rumsteak, chips potato, raclette, mushrooms, parsley, garlic, cebette

“Polette” salad

  • Samossa chicken, vegetables, coriander, yogurt vinaigrette, candied lemons

Salad Of The Sun

  • Falafel, Artichoke, Eggplant caviar

- Tapas

  • Planchette Aroll’lard: You have already acclaimed our Aroll’lard ? Here is the clipboard !!
  • Beef sausage & cheese
  • Comesqui, Flammekueche, pimentos sauce

- Desserts

  • Choco fondant and yogurt ice cream
  • Verrine : Apple, Skyr, Dried fruits, Argant, Speculos

Have a good meal, of course !!

And … chuuuut … here is a little preview of the Salad Polette & Gouill’ash !!

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